What Is Friction?

First, there’s the obvious answer: friction is the resistance that an object encounters when moving against another. Think of sandpaper on your skin and you’ve got a good idea of how friction works.

When two things come in contact, they interact, and depending on their qualities, some level of friction results. Friction causes rug burns, paper cuts and skinned elbows. And while there are many benefits to friction (architects and scientists know this intimately), most of the places in nature where we meet friction we also find distress and frustration.

This Is True In The Non-Physical World As Well.

Friction can pop up in the way you manage a business, or in your relationship with a spouse or friend. In our lives, friction can be defined as anything that slows us down or prevents us from achieving our goals. If your goal is to earn more money in your freelance work, things like distraction and disorganization can become sources of friction. If your goal is to lose weight, having Oreos and Thin Mints lying around will present major obstacles to that goal. Yep, that’s friction.

So when I talk about friction, that’s what I mean. This is a “core belief” for me, something that I carry with me to the different areas of my life. Whether I’m being a  business person or writer or whatever, I am constantly aware of where friction might be lurking. And if I can kill the friction, I will be paving a smooth path to whatever goals I might have set.

I Like Achieving My Goals. I Call It Being Frictionless.

So that’s what this blog is about. Suggestions and ideas about how we can remove the friction from our life. We all want to be better people, and the best way to do that is to hunt down friction and stop it before it gums up our chances for success.

So Stick Around. We All Just Might Learn A Thing Or Two.


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