“Concepts, Ideas, Thoughts & Bullsh!t™” is a site that explores trends, innovations, lifestyles, and opinions. We discuss innovative developments related to the Internet and associated technology, although we don’t stop there. We also offer straightforward, “no holds barred” opinions with unique perspectives. It is an interesting and informative blend of feature stories, opinion, tips, and eclectic web links.

Many of the visitors to “Concepts, Ideas, Thoughts & Bullsh!t” enjoy it because of the writing style. We are not afraid to discuss controversial topics. We don’t parrot anyone else’s agenda. We are not beholden to any large corporation, so we can give you unvarnished truth and hard-hitting opinion. Once in a while we even “scoop” the major media on interesting news stories.

We often point our readers to unusual and intriguing Internet resources that more conservative sites might be afraid to touch. And every once in a while we throw in a little humor, or even a really bad pun. What you get is a unique blog that is not quite like anything else you’ll read. It won’t cost you a cent, beyond the electricity you use to run your computer (although we do admit that the current price of electricity is shocking!).

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