RikkiSpeaks – A Road Map to This Thing Called Life

[error]EDITORS NOTE: CITB is pleased to introduce a new writer to our team. Rikki Leigh is a life long writer with just the right perspective. She will be a regular feature writer and is joining us as a full-time member of our editorial staff. We welcome her and we are sure you will look forward to her contributions both here and in our up coming series of eBooks. Watch for her regular series “RikkiSpeaks”.[/error]

Life is like a road; sometimes it winds deep into the natural beauty of the forest, and at other times through the traffic filled main streets in the biggest of metropolitan cityscapes. Regardless of where you are on the road of life, remember to keep these things at the front of your mind.

While traveling the road of life you will come to obstacles. You then have two choices. You can sit down and cry because the mountain of life ahead is too tall, too steep, too hard to climb, or you can reach inside to the very depths of your soul and keep going. Remember this, the view from the highest highs is a beautiful one, but you will never see it at the bottom through tear-stained eyes. Always keep in mind that once you have climbed that treacherous hike of strife, it is all down hill from there. If you make it through the stress of that climb, you have conditioned your mind, body and soul for the next of life’s obstacles. The one absolute in life is yes, there will be more trials and you will face the same two choices. No one ever said the winding path of life would be easy. If you are expecting it to be, then be sure to take a box of tissue with you.

Everyone’s road is different,.Your road in life is not like the road others will be taking. It is wrong to look down upon someone because they were faced with a different fork in the road than you were. Remember, life is about choices. You should be thankful that you have not had to make some of the dark choices others have. If people don’t understand the path you are traveling, remember that you have the choice to run ahead and leave them to travel their own path. Learn to push harder to get where you are going. Even though it isn’t the reason behind pushing forward, it sure is gratifying to show your true strength.

It is important to remember that  taking care of yourself is CRUCIAL. We all need rest, along with physical and mental nourishment. So NEVER travel too far, for too long, without stopping to smell the flowers. Remember when you wake up to immediately get back on the path to your life journey.

Remember “Success Is Not A Destination, It Is The Journey!”



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One thought on “RikkiSpeaks – A Road Map to This Thing Called Life

  1. Well, Rikki…I am glad you learned all these things I’ve spent 34 years teaching you… :-). I didn’t think you were listening! Your Father.

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