Brain fog is one of the most aggravating symptoms of chronic disease, particularly fibromyalgia. Here are a few methods to assist you to boost your brain capacity and help reduce your memory difficulties. The lifestyle that society demands from us forces us to continuously strive for improvement. Strengthening our brain capacity is the most effective method for us to enhance our capabilities and capacities. If you want to improve the function and neurotransmitters in the brain, you need to shift your life philosophy. 

Habits to Improve Brain Power

Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is something you must avoid at all costs. You can’t claim that you don’t have time for sleep since, with good planning, everything has a time. You must incorporate 6-8 hours of sleep in your daily plan without exception. Even better if you can fit those 6 – 8 hours into the same window throughout the night. However, you must regenerate and prepare your body for the upcoming day.

Detox from Stress

We’re going to be buried by stress. That is one of the most serious issues confronting modern civilization, and we must learn how to address it. Stress can cause the worst illnesses and ailments. As a result, you must find a means to release tension, whether it is fishing, watching TV, or even having a beer or two.

Practice Mindfulness

If you want to attain that extraordinary degree of cognitive capacity, you must put in 110% of your effort rather than simply 100%. Your mind is always functioning, and meditation is the most effective method to cultivate awareness. You must think about including meditation into your daily life because it can have a huge impact on your mental strength. Yoga will also provide you with some inner calm, which is necessary if you want to develop your mental talents. These two activities are the most effective in realigning your goals and providing you with the mental energy to achieve them.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

Physical exercise is not just excellent for your body’s appearance and structure; by exercising every day, you deliver more oxygen to your brain and guarantee that it gets plenty of it. This is one of the finest methods to fuel your brain…and you’ll feel fantastic about your appearance as well!

Eat the right foods

Proper nutrition is vital if our brain functions are to be boosted. Be very selective about what you eat because of the effect it has on your brain. Make sure that all of your body needs are eaten. The key is fruits, veggies, grains and lean protein.

Challenge Your Mind

You begin to create new neural connections when you stretch your thinking, it improves your brain’s performance. For instance, learning a new language, playing any instrument, changing the way you go, etc. If you understand how much this affects our brain, you will be surprised.

Vitamin’s B12 and D

These are vitamins that can help your brain and safeguard it. Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D will impact your brain’s “memory portion” and help you memorize information. Whether you’re eating foods or taking supplements that assist your body get more of these vitamins, this is one of the most important aspects of developing your mental abilities. 

Change your environment

It is true that “you attract what you are.” When you begin to modify yourself, you will affect your surroundings and the people surrounding you. Negative influences lead to poor decisions. Spend your time and energy with individuals who have a positive influence on you.

Practice self-compassion

Accepting and moving past your flaws is what self-compassion is all about. If you keep focusing on your flaws and lamenting over them, you’ll never be able to progress properly. You must overcome them and strive diligently to improve yourself. Recognize that nothing is truly impossible.

Improve Your Productivity

When you’re working on tasks you care about, you’ll feel a lot better about yourself. Every day, focus on increasing your productivity. Make a list of things you want or need to complete, then cross them off as you go.

Read Anything

By gaining knowledge, you are continuously improving the “memory” section of your brain, and reading is the easiest technique to go about it. On the Internet, you can get any piece of information you need at any moment; all you have to do is use the resources wisely and read as much as you can since there is no such thing as useless knowledge.

Listen to Music

One of the most effective methods to relax or energize oneself is to listen to music. You will experience this rush of energy if you listen to rock’n’roll or heavy metal, but you will be more relaxed and relieved of tension if you listen to jaqzz or classical music. Listening to music with lyrics might also help

In The End

These are only few things to alter if you are to increase your brain power and ease brain fog. Set your intention and begin to chart the actions you need to make improvements. Start immediately, not tomorrow!

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One thought on “Fight Fibro Fog and Improve Your Brain Power

  1. Hi Thom, I try my very best to get the most sleep I can every night. I agree that it does affect your thinking ability. However, for some it depends if they are taking a lot of prescription medication. If a patient has other health.situations this, too can get in the way of a clear mind. I love listening to music and reading. I’m always trying to keep my mind active. I watch educational t.v. Now that I’ve had my back surgery, I’m able to exercise more, which is a very good thing because it keeps me healthier! Thank you for sharing this!

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