In today’s world, it seems that there are more people who would rather step on you than help you up. How is it that we are able to decipher who is deserving of keeping around in out lives? There are simple ways to notice if the “friend” you have is just not worthy of your time.

It is time to reconsider your placement of a person in your life if the following is true:

  1. If the person only speaks of themselves, and never listens when you have something to say about you
  2. If you find that you have been through thick and thin for someone, and they seem to always be absent when you feel alone
  3. If you only hear from them when they need or wish to borrow something
  4. If they did borrow something but never gave it back, but have had countless means to do so
  5. If borrowing something from them was completely off-limits, yet they continue to ask you for things
  6. If good advice you have given them suddenly becomes turned around on you, somehow, making the issue they came to you with your fault
  7. If you wouldn’t trust them with your hamster, let alone your kid or significant other
  8. If you only ever hear their voicemail, yet they get angry when you stop answering the phone
  9. If you have had drama, that outweighs a ton of bricks, dropped in your lap since their arrival
  10. If they only speak to you in a condescending tone, or cut you down

If you have ever done any of these things to your friends, you should make sure to right your wrongs immediately. It’s never to late to start making up for the wrongs you may have done. If they are true friends, they will accept your apology and will allow you to become a better friends. But keep in mind, if someone comes to you to say they’re sorry, you should always give them the chance to make it up to you.

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