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It’s easy to grow comfortable and “leave things be” when we’re in a relationship. We begin to let our guard down, but this may also lead to us being a little lazy in our relationships. Maybe we don’t text each other as often throughout the day. Perhaps we don’t inquire as to whether they want us to pick them up dinner on our way home from work or school. Perhaps we scatter our belongings across the bedroom and shrug when they can’t find the bed.

Whatever our reasons for becoming too comfortable, it is critical to remember that giving respect and love to one another is a daily routine that never gets old. Here are some simple methods to express that you care about the person you care about.

Compliment Your Lover

Realistically, how frequently do you tell your significant other what they mean to you?   It’s far simpler to make fun of their bed head or laugh at their expense than it is to provide praise and positive reinforcement. Recognize and tell your spouse that you are privileged to be with someone as great as they are. The next time you see them do anything good, look nice, or say something to make their day. Expressed positivity can make someone’s day!

Leave Them a Love Note

I don’t mean a text message or any other form of electronic communication. I mean a real note. Put it inside their wallet, in their purse, on the bathroom mirror or somewhere else where they are sure to see it. There is nothing as sweet or as wonderful as a handwritten love note.

Make Time For Them

Yes, we’re all really busy. Sometimes we’re too preoccupied to see that our companion is feeling neglected. It’s easy to take someone you care about for granted, especially when things are going well in your relationship. But, can you imagine the powerful effect you will have on your mate if you set aside a day or even a few hours just for them, simply to show them that they are a priority and that they do matter?

Be a Better Listener

It’s simple to sit back and listen to your spouse speak, but have you tried becoming more engaged? Active listeners are more involved with their partners and make their partners feel heard. When one is heard, a sense of respect and trust develops, which will only strengthen your connection.

Make Love More Often

Although it may appear to be self-evident, when was the last time you really made love? Not just “had sex,” but a really personal experience with each other? I’m not even referring to intercourse (though there’s nothing wrong with it either!) I’m referring about a physical, spiritual, and emotional connection between two souls. Perhaps having a serious discussion in bed with your partner, or kissing and caressing all night isn’t something you typically do, but why not give it a shot? Increase your closeness by reconnecting on a deeper way.

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