RikkiSpeaks – It’s Your World, Bring It To Light

You have made the decision to better your life, and kudos to you for this. It will take sheer determination and hard work, to achieve, but surely you’d already considered this when you’d made the decision to begin with.

Maybe you have chosen to be a doctor, a philanthropist, a house wife or even a faster clicking couch potato. Whatever your new dream, you should ponder priorities along the way.

In order to achieve your new goal, you must remember to bring it to light. Do you make it a habit to walk through your home with the lights off? Though you know the location of each piece of furniture,in the darkness, you may lose your own positioning. Sure there will be bangs, cuts and bruises along the way, but why add to it by haphazardly forgetting to hit a switch?

In each step to your new dream, there will be light switches.

Recognize, however, that it is a personal dream and your personal choice of where to illuminate. Sure, you may be able to see into that next room from the light belonging to the room before, but it will surely become dark two or three rooms in, without that easy to do click. Why blindly stumble through, to the point where you cannot see even a switch, or worse a brittle glass table?

An effortless switch is all you need to detect what is in the foreground. Always search for what is necessary to get yourself through to the next area. Often, the rooms you visit will become more difficult with each passing threshold. Assure your self plenty of time to get past each obstruction. When you come to the last room,you will be perplexed to find that it was well worth the band-aids it took to get there

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RikkiSpeaks – Throw The Car In Drive, My Friend

Often times people live with the “if I would have only done this or that” attitude, while others allow it to consume them. In allowing time to tear oneself down from the past, the world seems to get by on them.

Consider that life is like driving a car. What is behind you is the past and the future is ahead. Driving into the unknown can be a struggle but will surely take you to places you have never been. No one guarantees that what’s in front of you will always be bliss, but what is for certain is that if you continue driving in reverse, you will inevitably crash. This wreck can, and will, ruin what could have been, leaving yourself one more, “what if”. Looking in the rear view, once in a while, is acceptable, as revisiting the past can be a wonderful way to compare to what you are seeing ahead. Don’t allow your eyes to linger there too long, because you don’t wish to miss the curves ahead.

Throw the car in drive, my friend, and drive with all your might. 
If you drive in reverse too long, you’ll surely lose your sight.
Remember when you’ve seen the world, to turn and drive again
It never hurts to see the changes, between the now and then.

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