The Benefits Of Kissing

Tilt your head, close your eyes and pucker up—now for more reasons you should buss that someone special:

  • Kissing keeps you young. Or, at the very least, young looking. Studies show that amorous folks use 30 facial muscles to kiss, a sexy workout that tones cheeks and tightens the chin.
  • Kissing relieves allergies. Sufferers say, “Amen!” Histamine production can slow during a 30-minute make-out session, relieving symptoms like sneezing and runny nose. Instead of reaching for a tissue, go in for a little lip action.
  • Kissing is like a mini-vaccination. Your lip lock triggers the release of antibodies that fight off disease-causing bacteria. And it’s a heck of a lot more fun than getting jabbed in the arm with a needle.
  • Kissing is relaxing. That floating-on-a-cloud feeling after getting some sugar is from increased endorphins and oxytocin—your body’s built-in feel-good and calming chemicals, respectively.
  • Kissing gives you pretty teeth. Well, that might be a teensy exaggeration, but the spit swapping works to neutralize nasty acids that cause tooth decay and may exchange mineral salts that strengthen enamel.
  • Kissing burns calories. You can melt up to 6 calories a minute during the course of a smoldering smooch, so instead of skipping dessert on a date, kindly ask your beau: “Are you planning on giving me a nice, long, hot kiss goodnight?

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