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It is possible that at some point in our lives we will have feelings of insecurity. We may be critical of our own abilities to perform a task or self-conscious about our physical appearance. It makes no difference how this sensation shows itself in our lives; what matters is that we are conscious of our ideas and how they influence our perception of ourselves.

Taking a step back from the uncertainty that exists within ourselves and taking a more realistic look at ourselves may become easier once we realize that insecurities are an unavoidable part of life for everyone — even those who appear to be extremely self-assured. We may find it easier to step back from the uncertainty that exists within ourselves and take a more realistic look at ourselves.

When we begin to compare our lives to those of others, we are compelled to seek ways to improve or better ourselves. This is a normal response. When we compare ourselves to our neighbor, closest friend, or coworker, it may appear that we do not have quite as many advantages. When it comes down to it, what we think we see in someone is generally what they want us to notice about them. Possibly, they are putting up a false front, attempting to make things in their lives appear better than they actually are. If we were to take a closer look at their life, we would also see that they are human beings, with all of the wonderful faults that make them who they are.

It may take some time for you to realize this at first. The practice of taking deep breaths while simultaneously appreciating each of our gifts can assist us in regaining our equilibrium if our uncertainties begin to bubble to the surface of our consciousness. By doing so, we are able to recognize the wonders that lay inside us and enable our inner beauty to shine even more brightly into the world.

When we look at our life through such a comprehensive lens and compare ourselves to others, we lose sight of the aspects that distinguish us as individuals. Giving ourselves permission to enjoy what the universe has given us, on the other hand, will help us feel more confident about ourselves and more equipped to utilize our abilities to their maximum potential.

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