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For years, Amazon deployed that strategy, often at the expense of profits.

Did the strategy pay off?


“39% Of ALL Us Money Spent At Online Stores Goes To Amazon”

READ ENTIRE STORY HERE: 39% of all US money spent at online stores goes to Amazon.

Proof that “User Interface” and “Customer Experience” is EVERYTHING.

These numbers bring up a interesting question:

After two decades of ecommerce, why is it so hard for retail sites to create a decent shopping cart experience?

You’d have to combine the Web sales of the next 21 retailers, including Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy Co., Macy’s Inc. Home Depot Inc., Nordstrom Inc. and Costco Wholesale Corp., to match Amazon’s share of on-line sales.

I have shopped EXCLUSIVELY at Amazon for the last 3 years Every time you contact Amazon’s customer service VIA telephone, before you end the call, they ask you to check you e-mail to read the details of what the resolution of your call. I have NEVER had this level of customer service at any on-line or Brick & Mortar Store.

Amazon’s Customer Service Slogan is:

“Building Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company”

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